Coastal areas have always held a fascination for people and attract visitors from near and far. One of the main destinations for the population of any country, is to go to the coast, especially when the weather is good.

Sunbathing to get a tan, swimming, boating, surfing, fishing and all sorts of other recreational and leisure activities are what it is all about.

However, there are dangers that visitors need to be made aware of, so that unfortunate accidents and incidents do not spoil their visits. This short Awareness Course attempts to highlight some of the things to watch out for when at the beach, on the rocks, on cliff edges and river mouths.

The Module consists of a short Video, a PowerPoint Presentation and Module Notes and Learner's Guide, followed by a brief multichoice Quiz and some Practical Assignments. The Quiz is designed to test whether you have grasped some of the concepts and have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and together with the assignments constitute an assessment of competency for completion of the Module.