This is a full Whale Watching Course, that is applicable to Boat-Based Whale Watching as well as Land-Based Whale Watching.

Both activities require the presence of a qualified Tour / SIte Guide, that has also completed this specialized course on Whale Watching.
This course is not a Tourist / Site Guide Course.

The course was approved by MCM - now DAFF (Ocean and Coasts) - and used to be a Boat Based Whale Watching Permit requirement, but is no longer a requirement. It is a long, but comprehensive course and covers the Geography and Metrology of the South African marine and coastal areas, Weather Conditions, some common Species of animal, fish and reptiles that are likely to be encountered in different areas during normal whale watching excursions along the coastline. It attempts to give the Guide an extensive overall knowledge of the ecosystems in which they will be working.

The course also covers the mandatory Approach Regulations and Permit Conditions, and consists of 12 Modules, all of which have to be completed successfully in order to obtain accreditation. A 13th Module applies specifically to Boat Based Whale Watching - Permit Conditions and Best Practice.

A Practical Approach Module also needs to be completed for those wishing to work with Boat-Based Whale Watching. This can be done on arrangement by sending an e-mail to or