Hundreds of thousands of workers suffer back injuries each year, and back injuries account for one of every five workplace injuries or illnesses.

One in four compensation claims involve back injuries, costing employers a huge amount of money.

In addition, approximately two out of every three absenteeism excuses is due to Back Pain, which unfortunately is very difficult to diagnose. These figures do not begin to reflect the pain and suffering employees experience as a result of their injuries.

Back injuries are very painful and persistent. They are difficult to heal, and they have an effect upon everything a person does. Those that have already suffered a back injury or suffered with back problems, are much more likely to experience another one sometime during their lifetime. It is important to learn techniques and procedures that may help to prevent an injury or even an injury reccurrence.Back problems usually, when they do start, mean a lifetime of pain and discomfort.

Those that have never experienced back problems still need to know how to prevent them, as it is the best cure!

This Course covers three aspects:

  1. Back Safety
  2. Manual Handling
  3. Back Pain Management