A curriculum vitae (Latin loose translation means the History of Life), also known as Resumé, a French word for summary, is an essential document to have when applying for a job.

Searching for a job can be intimidating, but it is necessary to have an up to date Resumé ready for when you get a chance to apply for and/or attend an interview. It is a document that you can leave behind with your potential employer, so that he/she can study it at leisure to remind them as to your skills, experience and suitability for the job position on offer. It is a most important document, and must be well compiled and written.

This short course tells you how to compile and format a good Resumé and a covering letter to go with it.. This course will give you some guidance, and hopefully help you get a new job within the shortest possible time.

Note: This course is also available in the 3 module course "Looking for Work"