Most countries of the world have safety regulations covering their workers, and Working at Height is one of the most dangerous hazards with subsequent high accident rates. Regulations usually state that no employer shall require or permit any person to work in an elevated position, and no person shall work in an elevated position, unless such work is performed safely from a ladder or scaffolding, or from a position where such person has been made as safe as if he were working from scaffolding.

Training is regarded as one of the key controls in a safety system ensuring that personnel are trained to both assess the risk of working at heights through risk assessments but also the development, implementation and revision of Fall Protection Plans in line with various Construction Regulations.

This is NOT a training course - it is an awareness course to make think about safe working practices when working in elevated positions, and get them to understand the importance of using safety equipment correctly to avoid mishaps. It shows employers and employees how to take simple, practical measures to reduce the risks.