The Working From Home course is designed to raise awareness about how people can take care of their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being while working from home.

The course emphasises how to maintain productivity by implementing effective time management, organizing and planning and goes through some best practice processes, such as setting up the office, equipment, communication and maintaining some self-management and motivation.

Everyone considers that Working from Home is going to be better than having to commute to an office every day - but they do not realise the immense challenges it also incurs. Isolation, loneliness, apathy and procrastination are just some of the pitfalls to manage and overcome. Just because one works from home, employers still expect the productivity and efficiency from employees for which they are paying.

Course Benefits:

  • Outlines different time management techniques and how to manage distractions and disruptions
  • Describes how to identify and manage distractions and emotions while working from home
  • Describes how to set up a workstation and improve the work environment at home
  • Highlights the key issues associated with working virtually
  • Helps the learner to understand the difficulties of remote working (work away from the office) and how to cope