At this stage the Learner should have practiced sufficiently to produce a reasonable or good weld, largely defect-free, visually good and sound. 

The next step is to become competent to weld joints in all of the 4 main positions, since often the position for welding cannot be selected, but is determined by the location, configuration and ease of access to the joints to be welded. Thus a good welder needs to have the versatility to weld in any position.

In this course, positional welding is divided into 4 Modules:

4.1.1 MMA Flat Position Welding
               4.1.2 MMA  Horizontal Position Welding
       4.1.3 MMA Vertical PositionWelding
            4.1.4 MMA Overhead Position Welding

Tackle one position at a time, practice it over and over again until you are fully comfortable and versatile with welding in the position, before proceeding to the next position.