Heat Stress is a dangerous condition. It is most important therefore that precautions are taken to avoid Heat Stress, and to identify it as soon as it starts to occur.

As the name implies, it is a medical (physical) condition that occurs in the body when overheating occurs. This is usually due to excessive effort while working in hot and humid conditions without taking into consideration that the body needs to replenish fluid loss through exertion. In other words, the body starts to dehydrate due to loss of moisture, mainly through perspiration.

Heat Stress can also occur when playing in hot and humid conditions, sunbathing and being in confined, poorly ventilated spaces. In these cases, equal care should be taken to avoid dehydration of the body.

The only way to counter dehydration is to be aware of it when it starts occurring and consume plenty of water at regular and frequent intervals.

Please note that this is an awareness course and is not a substitute for professional medical attention should anyone start feeling the effects of Heat Stress - call the nearest doctor immediately.