This Module gives a brief overview of the more common Infectious Diseases found, particularly in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is by no means definitive and obviously some equally important diseases are left off.
It is not always possible to get to a clinic or doctor for various reasons, and therefore it is important to know about and understand some of the more common infectious diseases that occur within communities.

Only by recognizing or having some idea of their symptoms can we understand what is happening and the significance of various ailments, can we perhaps be stimulated into getting assistance and medical care sooner rather than later. Most diseases respond better to treatment when they are treated early in their manifestation, whereas if we leave it until much later, the consequences can be disasterous.

This Course is a short course aimed at creating an Awareness amongst community members of the type of common diseases they may encounter within the family and the community as a whole. It is not intended to replace the need for professional healthcare and consultation with experienced and trained medical workers.

Ideally this Course should be taken with the complimentary Course: Disease and Disease Management

Please Note: The information provided here is For Information Only, and in no ways attempts or considers it adequate to enable the learner to practice Health Care, diagnose illness or any other medical-related occupations. Always consult a Medical Doctor if any diseases are found or suspected.