The oceans and coastlines are treacherous places anywhere in the world, holding hidden dangers and unexpected developments. The state of the sea is of particular importance whether on the beach, rocks or on the water itself, and can change dramatically in a few minutes from a calm smooth surface to a raging, angry turbulence.

The main causes to sea condition changes are due to Weather. To understand this it is necessary to differentiate between climate and Weather and understand how regional and local weather conditions develop.

This course uses southern Africa as the example, but the same principles apply anywhere in the world. Coastal areas are one of the biggest tourist attractions, and they come to enjoy themselves and experience what the area and sea has to offer. It is important they are safe and leave happy after an enjoyable time, and it is up to local operators to ensure this.

This is just part of the essential background knowledge everyone in the industry requires, and it is important that all employees in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries are able to communicate meaningful information to visitors, and provide answers to queries about the environment, ecology and species in the area.

Weather is a part of our everyday lives. It becomes more important when we go on holiday, as there is nothing more disappointing than a vacation that is spoiled by bad weather!