A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee, and that is a goal for every organization.

Employees however have a duty to look out for the safety, wellbeing and happiness of the company's customers, and ensure they are satisfied. This in turn promotes the company's professional image and ultimate success, which in turn is beneficial to the employee.

The company's success and image begins with the good personal hygiene, cleanliness and professionalism of the staff that work for them, and in particular the Front Line Staff and other staff in daily or regular contact with the customer (tourist). Health and hygiene is however, equally important for those employees having to work together, interact with each other and often closely confined. It makes the working environment pleasant, minimizes transmission of infections and diseases and ultimately contributes to the happiness and motivation of the staff.

This is a Short Course, but it is broken into 3 Module for ease of learning. The Modules are also available as single courses in other categories. All Modules, quizes and assignments need to be completed successfully to demonstrate competence in the subject matter.