This short single Module course addresses one of the major problems with close living and working groups, and that is the highly controversial subject of Personal Hygiene. It is a sensitive and embarrassing topic for discussion, and many persons who suffer from unpleasant body conditions are usually totally unaware of it.

Only by recognizing or having some idea of their symptoms and know how easy they are to rectify, can we really get to grips with problems of offensive colleagues, relatives and sometimes even children. Body or Personal Hygiene can have a profoundly negative effect on the work group, customers and associates, yet is easy to solve. It is not only a Social problem, but a potential Health problem as well.

This Course is a short course aimed at creating an Awareness amongst community members of the importance of Personal Hygiene within the family, workplace and the community as a whole. It is a sensitive subject, but needs to be broached as there is nothing worse than trying to mingle with those of dubious health and of unpleasant odours and appearance.