This is an Accredited Course, accredited by CATHSSETA, and covers the requirements for learners to become qualified and eligible for Registration as a Nature Site Guide (Level 2) for Terrestrial Locations (Marine Guiding is handled by a separate course)

The course covers the requirements of the Skills Program as determined by SAQA, and training in the range of outcomes defined in the following Unit Standards: 

  • Unit Standard 8440 "Conduct a guided nature experience in a limited geographical area" Level 2, 21 Credits 
  • Unit Standard 8478 "Create a guided experience for customers" Level 2, 20 credits 

 To achieve these Credits for each Unit Standard, 1 credit translates into 10 notional hours of learning. 

Thus the Skills Program requires 41 Credits which means approximately 410 hours of learning (theory and practical) 

 The course consists of several learning Modules that cover the above Unit Standards outcomes. Each Module consists of a Presentation with Course Notes covering the subject matter, and requires the completion of a multi-choice Quiz to test the knowledge of the Learner. Some modules are accompanied by Video material, and some have Assignments that also need to be completed and submitted for scoring. The progression through the Modules is controlled in order to enable a Formative assessment of each Learner.