Courses in this category are developed by Penny Ferry Training, to encompass some of the necessary as well as basic Medical and Health/Hygiene practices essential to the Wellness of people when working, playing and co-existing in communities and family units. Health and hygiene is something that affects us all, and has a major impact on family, friends and co-workers on a daily basis.

Scope: The subjects will become extensive as different sectors start to apply Best Practice principles to their business operations and activities, and require employees to present the right image to the customer by maintaining and following Healthy and good personal Hygiene practices.

Target Audience: Specific courses may be mandatory for those operators and employees working in different areas of the business. The courses are also of interest to any others who need to know something about the business practices outside of their own particular discipline.
The courses are also valuable for all family members and everyone in a local community where we live and work alongside each other.